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Project - T

Company: United States Postal Service

Year: 2022

Type: Design System

UX Pattern, Infrastructure

This project was a huge initiative directed by the White House. As a result, more than 320 million COVID-19 test kits were delivered to American households. The delivery of COVID-19 test kits was a critical program for the country and a paramount effort by the Postal Service.

Test Kit - Production Line-Final.png


As the sole designer on this effort, I created a rationale, usage standard, and logic visual in the the way workers are display to packing and labeling . I provided guidelines to ensure consistent end-to end implementation. At the same time, a starting point for leadership to start a conversation. Many factors were taken into account based on warehouses layout and logistics. 

UX Challenge

There is no rationale, design standard or cohesion in the way the inventory is packed and distributed. Leadership have been struggling with the notion of having the best and most effective system to packing 2 or 4 test kits and communicate nationwide to all USPS plants.

UX Goals

Create visuals for USPS Fulfillment Operation Centers to communicate effectively the production line and logistics structure to achieve the national goal of making test-kits available to the public in 3 weeks. 

Fulfillment Center Data Process Map.png

Fulfillment Center Data Process Map

Diagram to define the work stations and flow in the facility where kitting, labeling, sorting and dispatching occurs.

Test Kit Flowcharts

Flowchart to define the data sources needed

Test Kit Flowcharts 1.3.22_Page_2.jpg
USPS Fulfillment Center Operations_Final.PNG

Fulfillment Center Operations

High Level Process Map where Supply Inventory (test kits, envelopes, labels, bubble wraps and tapes), Kitting (unboxing kits, wrap, insert kits into an envelope and inventory scan), Labeling and Scan (apply label, scan packages as needed), Dispatch (scan containers as needed, dispatch cross-dock container, dispatch or bring a turnaround container to processing area).

Work Cell Layout

The kitting area is designed for unboxing kits, bubble wrapping, insert kits into an envelope, seal envelope and scan inventory. 

Work Cell Layout measurement.jpg
Work Cell with Materials_edited.png
Work Cell Layout.jpg
Raw Material Aisle.jpg

Raw Material Aisle

WIP Kitting Workstations. Kitting table, Kitting, Cardboard Disposal, Removing Waste Materials.

Test Kit Production Line

Created visual for distribution to better understand the production line process and distribution.

Test Kit - Production Line-Final.png
Supply Chain Timing_Template wTable 202202031630woavg.png

Supply Chain Timing

High Level view on the time between Receipt at the STC to 99Q termination. Interim steps on turn time at the Distribution Centers, transportation time, and inventory time int he Fulfillment Centers.


The logic and interaction for the assembling and product line have beed adopted. It created cohesion, order and a started point to communicate and take decision.


Since then, over 70 million households have visited to order at-home tests to be mailed directly to them.

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